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Rigid Boxes & Luxury Packaging

Rigid Boxes have a rigid body structure that adds value to your luxury products. High-end brands prefer rigid packaging because it gives a premium feel to the users. They are hard box and provide the most protection to precious items. They can be molded into different sizes and shapes depending on business requirements. Delicate and fragile items fit inside the rigid packaging. It is critical for businesses to choose genuine packaging to establish a lasting relationship with their clients. Companies cannot sell products directly to customers. Instead, they place them within a packing box, which provides much-needed protection. Premium companies in the business sector use rigid boxes. The packaging helps them bring elegance to the valuable things. The sturdy packaging keeps the goods safe and promotes a positive image in the industry. You can reach out to a larger audience and advertise the goods. If your product is appealing, more people will test it out. They’ll give favorable feedback if they find it useful. As the name suggests, the luxury rigid boxes provide the best protection for costly items. You can look at many shapes and sizes of rigid boxes on the market and choose the one that best suits your demands.

Packing of Luxury Goods

These boxes have a very robust upper lid and side walls that function as a shield to reduce the effect of damage. This packaging may appear to be too familiar at first glance. But it is robust and may even be used to encase valuable goods. The raw materials used to craft these boxes are of the highest quality. We can pack glass bottle fragrances, cosmetics, jewelry, and electrical gadgets inside them. Due to the appealing box designs and high-end printing quality, we can also send these boxes as gifts. They provide recipients with a fantastic unwrapping experience and make their moments memorable. The rigid boxes attract people since they have many ornamental features and add-ons. Retail enterprises optimize their sales by utilizing unique rigid packaging designs. They capture the attention of customers and give packed goods a one-of-a-kind look.

Protection of Goods

Inside the bespoke rigid box, the things may be safely delivered to clients. During the transportation phase, the packs are stacked on top of each other, posing a risk of damage. However, this is where a custom rigid box comes into play. It protects the valuables during the shipping course. Instead of becoming displaced or disoriented, the things maintain their exact alignment. The actual product structure remains unaffected. The robust exterior and lid ensure a tight fit with much room. We can use custom inserts made of various materials to protect whatever is within. They provide extra cushions and support to the products. Rigid cardboard boxes are also used in order to manufacture rigid set up boxes. Premier Custom Boxes is a Luxury Packaging Company that is offering premier packaging boxes on wholesale prices. 

Best for Presentation Purpose

Creating a buzz about a company is a challenging task. It might be difficult for a freshly developed brand to compete with established companies. The use of unique rigid box packaging dramatically enhances the value of a brand. The rigid boxes with lids are in high demand. More product units sold in the market equals more profit. It is only workable if customers find the custom rigid box packaging appealing. The wrapped goods and a professional outer appearance encourage customers to explore the brand. These premium boxes allow a company to set itself out on the retail shelf. You can brand these boxes with the company logo, images, or labels. Many rigid box manufacturers recommend use luxury packaging boxes for custom gift boxes. Magnetic rigid gift boxes is also another option for customers who look for luxury boxes.   

Enhanced Durability

Chipboard is used for rigid boxes because it is sturdy and works well under stress. It is created from recyclable material. This aspect makes it an environmentally friendly packaging option. After that, the paper is piled and compacted to form a thick solid. Chipboard’s changeable thickness makes it perfect for fragile items. It is less costly and weighs less than corrugated cardboard. So, it costs less to ship. We excel in delivering the best custom rigid boxes to our clients. Our team knows the requirements of businesses to promote their luxury goods. Product owners can request us to customize the printed rigid boxes in any shape or size.  Over a period, we have built our credibility. We know how to craft the packaging boxes with pure and sustainable raw materials. The prices of these rigid boxes are market-competitive. Moreover, we also offer rigid gift boxes and high end packaging solutions. The packaging and printing solutions are affordable and cost-effective. Many rigid box manufacturers recommend to use luxury packaging boxes for high end products. There’s no extra die-making cost. We also don’t charge any setup fee. There’s an expert design team that assists you in styling the rigid packaging. You have the facility of a free design support option. We can help you apply the suitable finishing, emboss the logo and promote the brand.

Premier Custom Boxes does not charge shipping charges if you order in North America. Our services cover the whole region, and the turnaround time is incredible. You can order rigid boxes wholesale from us on discounted price.

Your Custom Boxes are Few Clicks Away