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Choosing the Right Box Style

In each industry, several brands are working. In this regard, box style plays a significant role in brand competition. All brands use eye-catching packaging to stand out in the crowd. For this reason, many kinds of boxes are available in the market. For example, the bottom closure styles are available in auto-lock and handle bags. Captivating designs of boxes on the retail shelves will attract more customers and help you sell more things. Premier Custom Boxes has a large selection of box styles, including folding boxes, tuck end boxes, display boxes, and many more. You can easily customize the box's length, width, and height.

Customize the Box Style As you Desire

Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the contents. We provide various box designs, including display, fold-and-assemble, bottom-close, and top-close. However, these are just a few of the available designs for you with us. Moreover, it is possible to customize each of these boxes to meet the specific requirements of a given company. Different sizes, styles, and colors are available for these packaging boxes. Also, we can print product descriptions and images on the packaging. Additionally, we help our customers choose from a wide range of text styles. Our staff's skills and the latest printing technology will benefit you. We use paragon inks to print cardboard boxes. You can simply contact us to get any box style that fits your desires.

Wide Range of Finishing Options

In addition to the style, it is also possible to design your boxes as per your needs. For this purpose, we offer a wide range of box options, including matte and gloss, to choose from. These coatings will improve the aesthetic appeal of the packaging. There are other boxes in silver, copper, and gold foiling. It will offer your packaging solutions a shiny metallic appearance. We use PVC, embossing, raised-ink ink, and many other methods to finish the paper box style. This adaptable finishing is perfect for any brand or product packaging. Hence, coatings and laminations can give the products a more luxurious outlook.

The Right Paper Material for Durable Packaging

Material is very important to custom boxes' look, durability, and high-end feel. Businesses need packaging that can last longer to protect their goods and keep their customers safe. During shipping and handling, your items are exposed to many risks. So, your business needs to choose the right kind of packaging. For our box designs, we use a range of strong packaging materials. There are single-layer cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes with multiple layers, recyclable Kraft boxes, and rigid luxury boxes. You can also choose the thickness of the cardstock, which ranges from 10pt to 28pt, based on what your product needs. These boxes look nice and keep things safe while stored or moved.

Custom-Printed Boxes at Affordable Prices

We are a very experienced packaging company specializing in making and personalizing all kinds of boxes. We have everything you need when it comes to printing on boxes and making them the size you want. With our reliable, fast, and high-quality printing services, you can order and get your custom boxes in just a few days at a price that won't break the bank. We are experts at printing your logo, pictures, and other graphic elements on custom boxes in a way that stands out. We also have the features, flexibility, and answers you've been looking for.

Free Shipping and Design Support

For a long time, we've been known for providing the best packaging and printing services. You can benefit from our free delivery and design assistance services, In the United States; we provide bespoke packaging boxes to customers all across the country. Moreover, we do not charge shipping fees to North American customers. Brands may receive the greatest box styles to amaze their customers with free design support. Furthermore, we do not charge our clients for die-cutting and plate charges. In addition, our customer service staff is available 24/7 online. You can contact them if you have any questions about packaging or printing. Our devoted team will be enchanted to help you.

Why Do Customers Choose Us over Others?

The printing and packaging services of Premier Custom Boxes are the best because they have a lot of features, skilled experts, advanced machinery, and sophisticated techniques. So, we can make all kinds of custom printed boxes and custom packaging solutions. Our custom box styles are so good that they help our customers lead in their niche. They come to us for help with their complex design problems, limited budgets, tricky packaging issues, and short deadlines. And every time, they found us to be helpful. Moreover, we design solutions that fit their needs and budgets with the quickest turnaround, easy ordering, excellent customer service, and a wide range of features.

Your Custom Boxes are Few Clicks Away