How You Can Fascinate Customers With The Attractive Folding Cartons?


Before the product has a chance to speak for itself, its packaging does that. The first impression is always the lasting impression. This is why you need to make a good first impression of your product. You can start by packing them in folding cartons. However, there are multiple other products in the same packaging out there. So, what can make your boxes stand out? Do not fret, there are multiple things that you can do to make your product unique with its packaging. Fascinating customers with attractive boxes is a task that can be done easily if you are careful with the design of your folding packaging. The following simple steps will help you create something captivating.

Add Window Cuts to Folding Cartons

The first thing that you can do to fascinate your customers is to add window cuts into your packaging box. The presence of windows seems like a small detail. However, this small detail changes the game entirely. It gives the customers a glimpse of the product within, which catches their attention immediately. Regular boxes keep the product hidden completely. By adding window cuts to your folding cartons, you will be giving your customers what the competitors lack. Moreover, instead of using the same shape, you can add window cuts of creative forms and shapes. This will urge the customers to stop and take a closer look at your product. The more creativity and uniqueness you bring to the windows, the more fascinating the entire package will be.

Create Innovative Opening Methods

This is another tried and tested method of attracting customers. The opening techniques of all packages are almost the same. The lid is tucked inside and can be pulled outward to open the box and reveal the product. You can captivate your customers by changing this boring method. Add innovative opening methods to the package. For instance, you can add strings that open the custom printed folding cartons when pulled. You can also add other techniques such as magnetic clasp that will give users a good unboxing experience. The folding cartons packaging that comes with different opening methods stands out in the aisle very easily. Therefore, they will fascinate the customers more as well.

Try Unique Shapes of Box

Instead of sticking to the same squared shape of the carton, you can alter the entire shape of your package. Star-shaped and diamond-shaped boxes are going to catch the eye when placed with squared ones. You can start by creating packaging that is similar to the shape of the product within. If you have beauty products, you can make the shape of the cartons according to the form of the product. Following the silhouettes of the product brings uniqueness to the carton that plain squared boxes lack. This will make your customers stop and do a double-take at your folding packaging.

Make Your Folding Cartons Interactive

Another method that has proven to fascinate customers is by making them use different methods to interact better with the customers. For example, you can add a custom printed tag on your cartons or place a thank you note inside to show your gratitude towards the customers. You may also add a new product sample, a discount voucher, or a little amazing gift to fascinate the customers more. All these tactics will help in retaining the interest of customers in your brand.

Customized Colors and Fonts

Using a customized color palette and fonts is the simplest way of getting your clientele's attention. You can create and use some specific colors and fonts for your custom printed folding cartons. This will not only make your package stand out, but it will also make it memorable. The usage of different hues is the best way to get a customer's attention. The users will associate that specific color palette with your package. When that happens, know that you have successfully captured their attention.


As the competition in the market is getting tough, folding cartons packaging has become a key to getting customers' attention. Why use the same plain boxes, when you can design something different? You can create unique and innovative designs of folding cartons to grab and hold your customer's attention. Such packaging boxes are an excellent tool in making your client interested in purchasing the product.

Creating innovative and unique packaging is what Premier Custom Boxes is all about. More importantly, we work effortlessly about creating folding cartons that cater to your needs. So, from good quality to creativity, everything will be found in the boxes that you order from us. We provide exceptional customer service. Our clients are free to choose a style of their choice. They can even make several amendments during the initial design phases to come up with the perfect packaging for your brand.