What Are The Types Of Kraft Boxes That Are Perfect For Packaging?


Kraft packaging is a type of packaging that has a lot of good things about it. Kraft boxes are available out of sturdy paperboard, giving your items strength and durability while shipping them. 

The light and moisture can't get through the Kraft boxes packaging, so your product will arrive in the best condition possible. Kraft Display Boxes let you see what's inside without opening them.

The different ways that Kraft boxes are available for packaging change our world. When we need to pack many other things, they make our lives easier. Even though there are many different kinds of custom carton packaging on the market today, many customers still prefer Kraft paper packaging boxes.

Here are a few common types of Kraft boxes which you can best use for packaging:

What Are The Good Things About Kraft Packaging Boxes?

The good things about Kraft Boxes are:

  • Protection from both light and water
  • Storage that will last a long time
  • Strength to keep the product safe
  • Price options for Kraft boxes are pretty cheap 
  • Easy to put together
  • Ecological Nature
  • Hard craftsmanship
  • Versatile Nature

Guide On Different Types of Kraft Boxes For Packaging 

Now let's look at a few basic kinds of Kraft boxes and how you can use them in the world of packaging:

  • Sliding Drawer Kraft Boxes 

This type of Kraft box is foldable and has flat shipping. They are a standard style of Kraft box. It has a Kraft paper sleeve and a sliding drawer, both foldable with a piece of Kraft paper. The sleeve can also be available out of clear plastic. 

Many stores sell these kinds of Kraft box packaging in various colors and sizes. Click on the image below to go shopping now.

  • Display Kraft Boxes

This kind of Kraft box can be accessible in almost every store. This Kraft box can be visible on the counters of stores that sell candy, cosmetics, home decor, and even groceries. 

Using these custom Kraft boxes is an excellent way to attract customers and encourage them to buy things on the spot. Even in big-name stores, these Kraft boxes are available as advertising at the front desk. This is because there isn't much space necessary to put these boxes. Therefore they are becoming a favorite among sellers. 

These attractive counter display packaging Kraft boxes is available in any size or shape of ad panel to fit the packaging of different products on the market. They are a great way to get people to recognize your brand.

  • Jewelry Kraft Boxes

We all know the rigid chipboard or plastic jewelry box. Another type of packaging made for the jewelry business is Kraft boxes. Jewelry Kraft boxes are the cheapest way to store or sell handmade jewelry on the market to make money. 

Popular jewelry brands use these boxes to make their products stand out from those of other brands. A simple, natural Kraft box with a white foam insert is an excellent way to store and protect jewelry like necklaces and earrings so they can show off their shine.

These Kraft boxes are perfect for holding cosmetics. We know that products that are best used on the skin need good packaging to protect the products inside. Because of this, we even see a lot of lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, and foundation in Kraft cartons in our daily lives.

  • Kraft Gift Boxes Packaging

A popular type of wholesale Kraft box packaging is a gift box. You've probably wrapped gifts in Kraft boxes at important events like anniversaries, birthdays, and other personal and business gatherings. These Kraft boxes are easy to fold, so you don't have to deal with the mess of wrapping sheets, glue, tape, and other such things. 

You can adorn the Kraft boxes with a silk ribbon closure, a heart-shaped cutout, a paper insert, stickers, and other things. Whether you are looking to wrap Christmas gifts, your own branded products, or wedding gifts, these colourful boxes are a great, inexpensive way to add a personal touch.

  • Mailer Kraft Boxes 

Even the mailers that come with these Kraft boxes are different. As the name suggests, you can send packages and products to customers both close by and far away with these boxes. Their oversized items include die-cut boxes that lock on their own, boxes through envelope bases with five panels, etc. 

With these custom Kraft mailer boxes, it's easy to lock the packaging so that the items inside are safe and don't face any damage during shipping. I think it would yet be safer if you sealed the top with tape. 

Choosing the self-locking die-cutting corrugated style of Kraft box packaging design is excellent for fragile and extra expensive items.

  • Cylinder Kraft Boxes Packaging

A trendy type of Kraft box is one that looks like a cylinder tube. Most of the time, it's also stiff, but it's not made of grey chipboard. 

Raw Kraft papers are rolled into these tubes with a round mould and one layer at a time. The thickness of the Kraft wall is about 1 to 2 mm. These Kraft boxes, in the shape of tubes, can be used to wrap gifts. Their large diameters mean they can hold a lot of things. 

Also, small-diameter style cylinder tube boxes are available to package essential oil glass bottles or with a few of round items. Since paper boxes are round, this is a better way to package items than paper boxes. They can be made with any diameter and height, depending on what needs to go in them.

To conclude, as a product packaging, these fantastic Kraft boxes are, without a doubt an excellent choice for you. Because these custom boxes are biodegradable, you don't have to worry that the storage room is full of dirt. 

Any industry's popularity must make your brand well-known by getting the right publicity. Now is the time to stop using lousy packaging if you want to get people to buy your product. Putting your products in Kraft boxes is a great way to start.